Let me be honest - I haven't been this excited about a project in ages. Which is probably why I'm now blogging about it for the THIRD time... 

The past few weeks were at times hectic and brutal, but we're finally launching the first in a series of ten videos on community engagement projects on the NWU's official YouTube channel NWUtv and wrapping up filming on the last episode towards the end of April.

I really enjoyed filming in Mafikeng and the staff at NWU Mafikeng went to a lot of trouble to assist us in producing this. These types of projects are really what should be making the headlines, not the hateful garbage that has surfaced the past few weeks on social media and in the news.

This project also marks a change in direction for Match Frame Media as this is now the second series I've started work on since November of last year. Since starting the business I've mainly done single productions, so the gear change to higher volume productions with a much more integrated approach is refreshing, but also challenging. 

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