If you've been following my random thoughts on Twitter you would have noticed that a) March has been an insanely busy month and b) I've been throwing the hashtag #NWUtv around. I'm in the process of producing content on the NWU's various community engagement projects and the production phase of this project has taken up most of this month. I'm really excited about this project and the team and I have been working really hard to not only produce video, but REALLY GOOD video. That means multi-camera shoots and a lot more work and effort than what folks would normally go to for these types of projects. Yes, we really want to nail this! So far we've traveled as far as Jan Kempdorp in the Northern Cape, Mafikeng and Bekkersdal informal settlement. 

Filming these projects have proved to be quite a challenge due heavy rain (I'm not going to complain about that, rather marvel at it!), tight schedules and an absolutely hectic pace. And we're not done yet. When we are we hope to have produced a comprehensive series of short promos on a number of projects that are making a difference in local communities around the country. Given the amount of bad news spewing from the front pages about higher education, it is great to actually be working on something positive. 

This is also in line with a change of direction I've taken recently with my own business to focus more on projects that actually uplift and benefit others. I'm still waiting to see where this will take me but I find the change of direction refreshing.

Watch this space!