Every year I start off the first blog post of the year with "We're back! It's 20 whatever". I can't do that again...tedious repetition and all that. But it is 2018 and we're back! 


This year marks a rather dramatic change in direction for Match Frame Media. You'd have to be blind not to recognize that a lot of our projects to date have centered around a certain institution of higher education. We (again we - I'm no longer in this alone) have been collaborating with a number of very loyal clients in higher education and we're keen to continue those collaborations, but it is also time to move on to other things. The nature of business changes constantly and so should businesses themselves. True, higher education is going through a rather...shall we say "rough patch" currently, but more importantly new opportunities presented themselves late last year for us to get into more corporate work.

And that is exactly what we'll be doing in the coming weeks. So this year I'll be doing my first shoot abroad. In Saudi Arabia.

Stay tuned.