I should probably just call this
The GoPro Blog and get it over with...

The world's most popular action camera brand has spawned a huge industry of aftermarket accessories an a few interesting ones have caught my eye the past few weeks. Some make sense and some are just plain weird. Blessthisstuff.com has posted a couple of good ones recently.

Above: Brunton All-day Battery. This is cool and I want one. One of the main complaints from GoPro owners is usually that the battery life sucks, even with battery backs. This item apparently stores enough juice to power your camera for a whole day AND charge your other digital devices like cellphones and GPS handsets. Cool idea if it works as advertised. Now we just need planet-sized memory cards to match...

Above: Proview GoPro Cellphone Mount. To be honest I don't really get this one. Sure, most people use the phone app as viewfinder solution but I don't see why you would want the camera strapped to your phone permanently. But I suppose somewhere someone needed this and that's why it's there.

Above: GoPro Fetch dog mount. Yes, a mount. For your dog. No explanation needed. Expect plenty of slobber and "Here boy, fetch!" clips on YouTube soon.

Check out more cool stuff on www.blessthisstuff.com 

Also, on the topic of weird, remember this one?