So you're on one of those run 'n gun video shoots and you find yourself having to swop lenses on your DSLR or cine camera for a new shot. You pull out a new lens, disconnect the other one from the camera and then find you need another set of hands to hang onto either one of the lenses while you fiddle with lens caps and lens adapters. You turn to your assistant for help, but he's holding onto a sound boom, cables and the rest of your gear. And so the ridiculous juggling act begins, the result of which is either dropped equipment or fingermarks and dust all over expensive glass...

Sound familiar? Well despair not, dear camera bro, because Think Tank now has you (and your lenses) covered.

As a self-confessed geardo I've bought a fair share of useless camera crap over the years, but this one is actually a winner and a good solution to a common problem in the DSLR/cine video age. The Lens Drop pouch looks like a climber's chalk bag and works on the same principle as a rifle magazine drop pouch used by folks in the military. I used mine on a very dusty township shoot recently and it's a well-designed piece of protective equipment that is essential for solo or two-man camera crews on the move. Need to swop a lens while you're on the move and in a hurry? Just drop it in the pouch a pull the drawstring closure shut to keep the dust out. I usually swop between 35mm and 50mm cine lenses on most shoots and this way I can keep one on the camera and the other one handy and ready for use.


The pouch fits on your belt or your camera bag and features a drawstring closure system and soft lining inside that won't scratch your lenses, so you can drop a lens in there without its lens caps (never a good idea, but admit it - we all do that!)

Other nifty features include a side pouch for lens caps and filters and a rain cover in a zippered compartment at the bottom. 

Available from your nearest camera store.