Yolanda Maartens Brown proves two things: that life is really unfair and some people are blessed with everything (looks, voice and intelligence), and that whoever said "I have a face for radio" was grossly inaccurate and has never been to OFM. If you've seen any of my videos you've probably heard her, because she's been my go to gal for voice-overs since...well forever (Hey, if Quentin Tarantino insists on working with Uma Thurman, then surely I can insist on working with Yollie!)

But seriously, Yolanda has been my voice of choice because of the vibrant quality of her voice and the rare ability to do both English and Afrikaans reads without a hint of an accent.

We're currently shamelessly plugging each other's websites, so please head over to her brand new site and see what she's up to when she's not doing OFM's morning show.