No matter how careful you are or how dilligently you make backups (and backups of backups) of crucial data, somewhere you or the world around you will cause things to go horribly wrong. Like I did yesterday.

I get back from the morning's shoot dead tired. Need to charge batteries for next shoot later that night. Grab breakfast with one hand and the battery charger's power chord with other hand. Look for an open power socket on the edit desk. Stop thinking and just unplug the first plug to plug in the battery charger. The Avid and external media drive beeps. I then realize with a shock that I had an overnight encoding job running on the Avid and that I had just unplugged a live media drive. 

The drive was now corrupt and unrecognized by Windows. I realized with a shock that I had lost two and possibly more projects' data. A desperate Google search finally pointed me to Recover My Files.

The engineers who wrote this software should be knighted, sainted and awared every Nobel prize out there. Because I was able to recover ALL my project data from the dead drive. An overnight scan found all the missing files and it's a simple procedure to copy them over to a new drive with all the original file names and folder structure still intact.

What a relief! This job will make you old and ugly very quickly...