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New legs - Miller Solo DS-20

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Tuesday, May 2, 2017,

Above: joy arrives in a B&H box and bubble wrap!

I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to tripods, I must admit. 

I worked with Sachtler legs before which was great, but sadly unobtainium in South Africa nowadays. Then there was garbage in the form of Manfrotto (sorry to hate on this popular brand, but the one I was given was crap) and then there was utter garbage in the form of a Chinese brand I cannot even recall the name of. The fluid head's plastic (!) camera plate latch broke in the middle of...

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Take a stand! (a Miller stand preferably)

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Wednesday, September 14, 2011,

 If you make a living from professional video a good quality video camera and tripod will be some of your biggest capital investments. And if either one of two is rubbish, the resulting footage will probably be of the same quality. In the modern digital age HD has become the defacto standard, with DV tape now basically relegated to little Suzy’s birthday party and maybe her wedding a few years later on if her parents decide to trim the big day’s budget.

Panasonic brought out a number of...

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