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Let it slide

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Sunday, January 25, 2015,

Above: Konova K3 camera slider with my Sony FS100 camera mounted.

I've been looking for a camera slider for what seems like ages now. Especially one that won't require me to sell the house, the bike and one of my kidneys, because they tend to be seriously expensive and hard to source locally. Until now. I pulled the trigger late last year on a Konova slider and the kit arrived via courier just a few days before I left for my December holiday.

It is lightweight, compact and, having now used i...

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Get a handle on it (a cheese handle)

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Wednesday, August 6, 2014,

My camera upgrade project is finally complete. The last phase was to replace the stock handle/mic holder on my FS100 with something much better and more sturdy. The handle that comes with the NEX-FS100 is probably the worst and most poorly designed component of the whole camera system, and really a piece of string tied to the lens would be an upgrade. Instead I went for Wooden Camera's 70mm NATO Cheese Handle kit.

It is beautifully machined from solid aluminium and features a quick-release/ad...

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Camera upgrade

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Sunday, June 29, 2014,

Above: 7-inch SWIT monitor put to use on a shoot in Sandton in May. 

I recently took delivery of a couple of upgrade items for my Sony FS100 camera and thanks to a hectic June I had plenty of opportunity to put the new gear to the test. The NEX-FS100 is an awesome camera and I love mine, but like most things that come straight from factory assembly lines it can do with a few good aftermarket parts in a couple of key areas.
Most users will complain about its very plasticy build quality and ...

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Unisa documentaries completed

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Tuesday, November 12, 2013,

Above: cover design by Lindi Cameron of 4-6-11 Design

This year saw me working on two long-running documentary projects for the University of South Africa (Unisa). I once again had the pleasure of working with Dr Karendra Devroop with whom I had worked in 2012 when he was the director of the NWU’s School of Music. Karendra is currently deputy-director at the Unisa Music Foundation and approached me at the beginning of this year to produce two short documentaries, one on Unisa’s Internatio...

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Mobility. Priceless.

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Wednesday, October 30, 2013,

I shot some green screen this week for Optentia at NWU Vaal. Honestly nothing beats the ability to be able to shoot footage and edit it immediately on site. Instant results. And I'm still raving over the results I'm getting with the FS100... wow! 

The value of mobility? Absolutely priceless.

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Just delivered by a man in a van

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Monday, July 1, 2013,

A fresh one has arrived, complete with pink foam.

My new Sony NEX-FS100 camera has arrived all the way from the factory on the other side of the pond. Many thanks to the guys at Jasco Systems for really going the extra mile for me by loaning me a camera while this one was on backorder. Rupert you guys are awesome!

Don't you just love the smell of new gear straight out of the box..

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Flying high...with a new Sony NEX-FS100

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Tuesday, June 18, 2013,

Above: Shooting interviews with the designers of the Jonker Sailplanes' JS1 Revelation

I have the best job on earth. Seriously. I've only had my new (okay loan unit, not new; my new unit is still en route from the factory in Japan) Sony NEX-FS100 for two weeks when this job came up. Project brief: shoot the manufacturing process for a high performance glider aircraft and oh, be at the airfield Saturday morning really early because you're shooting some serious air-to-air footage as well. Br...

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