If you've been following my blog you'll know about my fascination with solar power. 

For an upcoming two week trip through Southern Africa I'm faced with a rather unique challenge - film a motorcycle tour with multiple GoPro's for ten days without being close to any type of power outlet to charge the camera batteries. The obvious solution, other than charging batteries from the bike's power outlet where they will have to compete with other devices such as my mobile phone and helmet comms unit, is to use a solar charging solution and battery of some kind. 

This arrived at my front door today. PowerTraveller's Powermonkey Extreme. Powermonkey is one of PowerTraveller's most popular products and I can see why. 

The hefty 9000mAh battery will accept a charge from either the solar panel, a USB power source (bike), or a standard wall socket. A multitude of connector types are supplied for any make of mobile phone or digital device. The mini USB connector is of course perfect for my GoPro. I'll be testing it over the coming days but so far I love this product.