Ok, enough with the holiday laziness already. I have a good feeling about this year. See, I have this theory: in business one year is up, the other down. Last year was s**t horrible, so I predict a VERY up year this year. As in waaaay up. On the top shelf...

Currently in production is a large project for the Faculty of Education. We managed to finish the first portion of this project in record time towards the end of 2015, and the results are on YouTube.

Also, just to show that DVD is far from dead in the online age, this January will also see us delivering the single biggest DVD order for a client to date!

Another ongoing project that I'm very excited about is a series of videos I'm currently working on for a Gauteng-based non-profit organisation, Counselling@. The first clip will go live on their brand new YouTube channel soon, so watch this space. These folks are doing sterling work in a number of disadvantaged and at-risk communities and we're proud to be associated with them.

I'm finding myself having to deliver media at an ever-increasing pace, most of the time having to juggle three or four projects at a time, so this year will also see a major editing hardware upgrade. I'm currently running two generations of HP Elitebook and proud to say that the oldest of the two has recently stepped in as an emergency editing system. Not bad for an old machine that is no longer up to Avid specs, but still managed to run Media Composer 8 without a hitch. Apple kiss my...Windows (yes, I am old school and I don't have cool hair).

Above: a blast from the past: moi and HP Elitebook, circa 2010. That laptop came back so dirty I had to use a hobby compressor to get all the dirt out of the vents. The same machine stood in for a major nine day project again in 2014 when my newer HP blew a display card. If only the operator's body stood the test of time so well...I no longer look like that. Especially around the waistline.

Unfortunately the exchange rate is no longer anybody's friend, but that is now a fact of life if you live in South Africa.

There's a lot more in the works, so keep watching this space.