The world's most popular action camera has become a very important part of my production setup. Along with two GoPro cameras I've now accumulated an unavoidably large number of accessories. And when you show up for a shoot and discover that you've left essential bits of kit behind at home, like a Hero 3 frame case, it's a good indication that you need to start getting everything together in one large box.

With the upcoming Solar Challenge and the amount of GoPro work we'll be doing I've decided it was time to invest in a large size Pelican case to keep all my GoPro gear together. This 1500 case now holds my two cameras with all their batteries, mounts, cases, cables and grips. For shoots where size is an issue I'll use my smaller 1200 case. I really like Pelican's 0915 memory card case which has pre-cut slots for SD and microSD cards. Handling microSD cards simply makes me nervous - one sneeze between card swops and your footage could be gone!

Pelican have proven themselves with thousands of pro media and military users worldwide and just like GoPros I firmly believe you can never have enough of their products.