As a self-confessed motorcycle nut I just had to post this when a friend pointed it out to me today.

Sena is well-known in the biking community for their Bluetooth helmet intercom units. A Sena headset is one of those must-have motorcycle touring items that will allow you to communicate to your buddies via set of helmet speakers and boom mic that you fit to your helmet. Voice communications are then shared between riders via a Bluetooth signal. It will also allow you to connect to smartphones and other Bluetooth devices such as GPS units. I own a pair of Sena SMH10s and they really are very rugged and indispensable pieces of kit, having survived a multi-day offroad bike tour through Southern Africa last year.


Above: Sena's GoPro attachment will allow you to record audio from your helmet's Sena headset to your GoPro camera

Sena's latest gadget is a GoPro backpack that will allow you to record narration to your GoPro movies while you ride. If you ever tried making a motorcycle travel movie you'll know that recording any type of clear audio at highway speeds is virtually impossible. What's cool is that they claim that you can also record your buddies' audio if your Senas are connected in conference mode.

Worth looking at and hopefully available locally soon.