MediaTech 2013 has come and gone. The exhibition showcases everything current and new in the broadcasting and AV technology fields from all the top brands and suppliers in South Africa. I used the opportunity to hook up with a few of my suppliers and had a look at the latest Avid Media Composer release. MC 7.0 now supports 4K media and a host of cool new features such as background transcoding and improved audio RTAS functionality from the timeline. 

DSLR and cine-oriented cameras such as Sony's NEX range is reaffirming its dominance in the market with a number of suppliers exhibiting shoulder rigs, mo bars and steadycam rigs and accessories. The world is getting smaller and more compact it seems. 

The coolest thing on show has to be a gyro-stabilized camera mount for a GoPro Hero 3 action camera. I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture of this as the guy demo'ing it was running up and down the isles with it on a pole mount, but trust me this is innovative. The camera itself is stabilized in a small custom rig and beams it's picture wirelessly to a monitor for the operator. The rig can be fixed to a pole or boom, or even an aerial drone.  
GoPro has very much gone from a surfer's toy to a serious pro production tool.