This first version of Media Composer I ever used ran on a tired old system operated by a company that produced horse racing inserts. That was nearly ten years ago. 

After I installed MC6 for the first time this morning and I was amazed just how different it looks from that first version I used nearly a decade ago. Avid overhauled the entire UI to something that is now very attractive to look at. I still need to spend a lot more time with the software but one of the first things I noticed is that they've greatly expanded the toolset menus. Excellent! For the few of us on laptops this functionality is a must-have.


A new addition is also the Marketplace dropdown where you can purchase plugins...mmm...everybody wants to make a buck or two:)
One gripe I do have is the ridiculous download size of the installer! 3.5GB!! I tried and failed twice...goodbye internet cap. Thankfully the folks at Jasco (formerly Spescom, the local reseller for Avid products) was kind enough to mail me a working installer on disk. Please Avid, bring back the good ol' software disk...