I completed a video for a brand new client this week and I'm thrilled with the results. Even better is that they are thrilled with it also! 

MCD Training is doing great work in addressing the massive skills shortage in South Africa by providing a wide range of technical training solutions to companies and individuals. Their video is on YouTube and will also be showing at their booth at the 2016 Sasol TechnoX expo from 15 August. The video was shot over two days and we had a lot of fun doing it! Everyone at MCD got in on it from the training staff to the students who were keen to show off their skills.

My two camera setup works fantastic for these types of projects and after nearly a year I'm still amazed at what I'm getting out of my little X70. Between it and the FS100 low light is just no longer a problem. If there's enough light for me to see my feet I can shoot it and know it will look great.

In an alternate universe if Sony gave us the ability to put 
interchangeable lenses on the front of that little monster it would be close to my idea of the perfect camera.

Working on this was a welcome change of gear for me and I'm looking at expanding my business into more corporate work. This is also a return to the types of projects I started out doing a few years ago. I learned video by producing little marketing videos and it's great to be getting back into doing this stuff again.

South Africa is the land of opportunity for those willing to go seek it. So quit reading all the bad news and get out there and start making a difference. I see growth all around me and I'm determined to be part of it.