I had the pleasure of being interviewed by OFM's Yolanda Maartens yesterday evening. This was a brand new experience for me - usually Yolanda is the one behind the microphone and I'm in the control room with the sound enigneer! Being a techie by nature I really enjoyed being in the studio and seeing a pro at work. Folks, Yolanda is not just a great radio voice. She runs the entire show (and I really mean the ENTIRE show) by herself from the studio in Potchefstroom, tech support included!

I use Yolanda's voice talents regularly for video voice-overs and she really is a super-talented voice artist, having the rare ability to do both Afrikaans and English narrations flawlessly. She will be moving to OFM's Bloemfontein studio soon to take up a much-deserved producer position there but I hope to continue working with her in future.

Check out her OFM blog on yesterday's broadcast at http://www.ofm.co.za/viewdjblog.asp?id=9894