Today sees the last video in a ten-part series on NWU community engagement go live on YouTube. This concludes a very ambitious project that started small in February with a single promo and has now evolved into a full campaign that will combine print and online media. Actually I wish we could have done a few more of these community projects as I believe this is the type of stuff that need to be in the headlines instead of all the political garbage and negativity that has been going around (Could it be that I'm developing a serious interest in charity-related projects..?)

I really like this one. It was shot over two hectic days at the end of May and covers a really special community music project of the NWU's School of Music that first started in 1993. As is the case with all things community-based this project is in urgent need of funding, so hopefully the video will go a long way to create awareness and attract sponsors for a very worthwhile cause.

Above: Over the two days we shot this I was fortunate to have some extra help behind the camera and when we filmed interviews. Thanks for the help Nicola!  

Anyhow, its time to move on to other topics, so keep an eye on NWUtv on YouTube in the coming months for more quality content.

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