Above: My editing laptop now lives in a Pelican 1090 Hardback case when it’s not at home on the desk. The Avid sticker is optional and does not come with the case...

Editing on a laptop opens up a world of mobility to any video editor. Owning an Avid workstation that fits inside a backpack and operates on battery power has enabled me to work on projects everywhere from offices, conference rooms and even the back of a Land Rover in the middle of the Northern Limpopo bush.

But mobility comes with risk. Thanks to upgrades my HP Elitebook is currently worth the price of a small car and I've exposed it to all sorts of risks from rain showers to knocking around in my backpack on the back of a motorcycle.

I've been a long time fan of Pelican products and their 1090 Hardback laptop case would be perfect for my abused little laptop. However for some bizarre reason Peli stopped making these and trying to order one in SA got me absolutely nowhere. As a last resort I contacted Justin Bagley at Mammoth Outdoor. I've ordered small items from them in the past and the guys at Mammoth managed to do the impossible...somehow they sourced the last available unit from a supplier!

Above and below: The 1090 is great, fits perfectly in my Camelbak pack and provides bombproof protection to my investment.

Kudos to Mammoth for sourcing and supplying this when no other SA supplier could.They stock some really cool outdoor gear so visit their website at http://www.mammoth.co.za