After weeks of waiting for stock to arrive, then waiting for it to ship, then waiting for the courier company to get their s*** together and deliver my box, then filing a complaint against said company to get their s*** together so they can deliver my box arrived.

Some of the most iconic images in cinema have been filmed with Steadicam rigs. From hard-hitting action sequences to beautiful floating shots through elegant movie sets, cinematographers have "flown" large cameras on Steadicam rigs to great visual effect. It has also become an indispensable tool for broadcasters alongside football pitches throughout the world. If you see a "handheld" shot that is just too smooth to have been shot by hand without any kind of camera support, chances are the guy or gal who filmed that shot actually used a Steadicam rig. 

More to follow soon as I try NOT to sustain any dental or property damage as I learn to use this. These things do bite if you get cocky so in the meantime, for your entertainment, this little gem from a while ago: