I had the privilege of creating an "official" NWU promo in 2011. So when the folks at NWU Institutional Advancement phoned me up a while ago to ask for a new one I was overjoyed to have an opportunity to try and see if I could come up with something completely new and original. The NWU's CID had changed since 2011 and there was now a new payoff line and a brand new set of design elements and visual style to play with. The clip was originally created for and shown for the first time at a Press Club function attended by the NWU Vice-chancellor and it is now available on YouTube as well. 

I really enjoy effects projects like these. They're always an opportunity to push the limits of what I can do with my two favorite creative applications: Adobe After Effects and Avid Media Composer. Even though AE and Media Composer come from different parents they were always meant to be used together...After Effects with all its flexibility creates awesome motion compositions while Media Composer excels at handling and assembling QT files into sequences while maintaining the HD project's pristine image quality. 

Between the two you've got all the flexibility you'll ever need to make design changes as quickly as you can change your mind. Media Composer’s ability to maintain links to QT renders in the timeline while you re-render the source files from After Effects is especially useful to make changes and instantly see the results. 

More of these clips are currently in production for different clients, so watch this space!