There's nothing glorious about the war in Syria. Or any other war for that matter. Headline news stories of displaced civilians and ISIS atrocities are downright upsetting, not to mention the growing potential for a showdown between former cold war rivals in the area. But whether you're hawk or a pacifist, there's no denying that the drone footage in this video is pretty unique and impressive. Drones have become both lethal weapons of war and indispensable tools in cinematography, and this video of a US Marine Corps M777-A2 howitzer crew at an undisclosed location in Syria brings both worlds together. The video was filmed by Marine photographer Sgt Matthew Callahan and was released by the US DoD recently. Sgt Callahan is a seriously talented individual. A former infantry Marine, he was trained in broadcast journalism by the military after suffering an injury on a patrol in Afghanistan. Impressive work. Semper Fi.

Originally featured on Business Insider and The Washington Post