Above: Filming master pianist Lukas Vondracek in Bloemfontein for an upcoming documentary

This month is speeding to an end and if I could I would have added a couple more days to the end of it just to get everything done! March 2013 has by far been one of the most productive months in MFM's history with a number large projects for different clients currently in production.


Above: Lukas Vondracek (image: http://www.theguideistanbul.com)

I had the pleasure this week of filming master pianist Lukas Vondracek at the Odeion Theatre in Bloemfontein as part of an upcoming documentary on the Unisa International Music Competition. Lukas is a rare and remarkable talent. According to his bio page: "Born in Opava, Czech Republic, in 1986, Lukas Vondracek's musical ability was spotted at the age of two by his parents, both professional pianists. He gave his first concert at the age of 4 and now, at the age of 25, he has visited 27 different countries giving in excess of 1000 concerts". He is also a very pleasant and humble guy and recording an interview with him was an absolute pleasure.

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