Yes I know. That is a terrible heading for this blog post. But I couldn't think of a mouse idiom that would work...

Above: my old Logitech Anywhere mouse (back) and new Logitech M705 wireless mouse in front.

A computer mouse is not something you give much thought to nowadays. Most people probably just use whatever came supplied with their computer. I prefer a Wacom tablet for editing and post work but in terms of computer mice I've tried them all: no-name brands, HP mice, Microsoft mice, a Wacom mouse (which was horrible) and then I bought a Logitech Anywhere mouse. And it is still going strong six years later!

My new Logitech M705 wireless mouse came today. It's a bit bigger than my old mouse but not gaudy gaming mouse big, and a less pricey option than the top-of-the-range Logitech Anywhere mouse (honestly R1399 for a computer mouse is a bit steep). Response is good, it fits nicely in your hand and works perfectly on all surfaces, including the couch!

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer and need to do precise work like graphics or design, a good mouse seems like a no-brainer. And even though I do most of my editing work with a graphics tablet, editing while traveling still works better with a mouse. So invest in a good one. They really last a lifetime.