And that's it for 2015, folks.

With the last projects done and delivered Match Frame Media is closing for the December holiday season. This year was...actually hard to describe. If you speak to anyone who runs a business (and by that I mean a real business where there are real risks and where a salary at the end of the month is not guaranteed) they'll tell you that it was a hard year. Economic, social and environmental conditions in South Africa are not rosy. 

Fortunately the second half of the year has been extremely productive and I'm happy to report that 2015 has ended in great blessing for me. 

There were many highlights - I've always aimed to do things faster and more efficiently and this year I was able to greatly improve a number of my workflows. Technology continues to make the world interesting and I've been amazed at the quality improvements I've been able to make thanks to more compact camera equipment and updated software.

I'm also thrilled with continuing business relations that I've built with a number of long-time clients and collaborators. Communication in whatever form is about people, and people are all about relationships. Some of you have gone to great lengths this year to assist me when things derailed at a corporate financial level where I had no influence. This I genuinely appreciate. Thank you for your loyalty. You can be absolutely assured of mine in future.

Sadly this year also saw an episode that left me feeling a bit...betrayed. I accept that this is the nature of business and symptomatic of corporate politics and basic human nature (read: selfishness). To the folks involved I'd like to say thank you. You've only strengthened my resolve to succeed and your actions have inspired me to invest even more time and energy into loyal clients. As the second half of the year has now shown this has greatly benefited my business and a number of people around me, to my surprise.

It also seems that imitation IS indeed the sincerest form of flattery, even if it turned out to be a mediocre copy of someone else's original work...

Have a great holiday and be safe.