You don't need a studio for a green screen shoot anymore.

I've now done two green shoots for a client using a new portable green screen and LED lighting and I'm thrilled with the results. The green screen kit was custom made for me by a Jhb-based supplier and consists of a cloth screen that attaches to a lightweight aluminium frame. The frame and cloth itself can be set up in a 1.5m x 2m configuration or a larger 2m x 3m configuration.

Of course green screen videography only works when your lighting is spot-on. I took delivery of a set of brand new LED lights a while ago and this was the first opportunity to really put them to work. They're great. Very lightweight (important if you work solo like me) with very low power consumption (they can even run off 12V batteries) and highly adjustable so you can set up your lighting perfectly. 

This setup is perfect for me right now. Most of my productions take me out on the road and this kit is compact enough to pack into the back of the vehicle along with the laptop editor and a camera bag.

Green screen anywhere, anytime and with a highly polished professional end result that clients expect.