My camera upgrade project is finally complete. The last phase was to replace the stock handle/mic holder on my FS100 with something much better and more sturdy. The handle that comes with the NEX-FS100 is probably the worst and most poorly designed component of the whole camera system, and really a piece of string tied to the lens would be an upgrade. Instead I went for Wooden Camera's 70mm NATO Cheese Handle kit.

It is beautifully machined from solid aluminium and features a quick-release/adjustable position base that screws into a cheese plate with two Allen screws. The handle fits perfectly on my Genustech top cheese plate and also allows the camera's foldout viewfinder much more space to move than my previous handle setup.  To replace the Sony mic holder that was integrated into their horrible handle, I now use a separate Rycote Lyre Shock Mount that screws into the right side of the top cheese plate. 

Unfortunately there are no local suppliers for Wooden Camera, so I ordered mine from B&H.