Ok so it's no secret that I like GoPros and all things military - I have clients in the defense industry, so that's my excuse...

So what better then than a combination of the two. Yes folks, GoPro jets are back!

As always, kill the sound and watch the visuals, because apparently jet jocks have terrible taste in production music. This time it is footage of an aircraft that is currently at the center of a bit of controversy due to it's looming retirement. The A-10 Thunderbolt II has the insanely dangerous job of CAS and the force seem to be strong in the Jedi that fly them. Check out the GoPro car suction mounts used on the inside of the canopy. 
This clip posted on the USMC YouTube channel also caught my eye recently: 

It was really well done and I like what they did with a few of the stills.