Geez I had to wait a looooooooong time for this one to arrive...

My Flolight kit has been on backorder in the US since the middle of last year, so when Jason at Pro-Sales (dealers in very cool and wonderful production toys) phoned me up to tell me mine has arrived, I made tracks to Jhb asap.

The Microbeam 128 is the one of the most compact lights in Flolight’s LED camera light range and comes complete your choice of Sony, Panasonic, JVC and a few other brands’ battery cradles. First cool thing: it uses the same batteries as your camera. In other words everything in your camera bag uses the same calibre ammo. Second cool thing: it carries the battery on the light itself as opposed to an umbilical power cable to a separate battery cradle. In other words, less crap needs to be strapped to the camera. Third cool thing: it comes with a full range of colour filters and a neat little carry bag.

Probably the most important thing is the fact that it supplies an even, bright (dimmable) light, as opposed to my old camera light that annoyingly supplied one very focussed beam smack in the centre of the frame. One thing missing – a set of barn doors would have been nice, but this is a small issue really.

The Flolight is a perfect companion to my bigger LED studio lights and will provide just the right amount of fill for green screen and interview shoots.