I like solar power, I really do. Which is why this particular project really appealed to me.

I had the opportunity to film the NWU's solar car, nicknamed the Batmobile, over the weekend and I was really glad I did because the NWU team surprised everyone by winning the event. They came into the event as complete underdogs and quickly became media favourites as the Sasol SA Solar Championship toured the country.

Above: Fitting the GoPros. In a hurry. The team was kind enough to allow us to do this. Thanks guys!

After catching up with the car on Friday morning we quickly mounted two GoPro cameras. And no, you're not allowed to fix anything directly to the solar panels. One GoPro filmed all the way to the finish line at the CSIR in Pretoria and provided me with some valuable footage for the new clip. 

Competing with a couple of other crews for valuable shots was a challenge but we all got along in the end :)

Above: The Japanese crews had some really nice gear...