Above: Lee 100mm ND9 filter fits my Genus matte box perfectly. Pictured here sans the 67mm adapter lens ring still on order.

I'm busy with a sizable upgrade on my NEX-FS100 camera as well as my post-production software. Sadly it is taking frustratingly long to get all the stuff I ordered. I don't know...maybe it's because I live where I live, or maybe it's because I live in a country that has most its public holidays in April. Or maybe I'm just getting old and impatient.

Anyhow, because the FS100 is a DSLR-style camera that lacks built-in ND filters I've been using a variable ND screw-on filter on the front of the lens. And to be honest it's horrible. The solution to this is just use the filter trays supplied with my Genus matte box. Problem is, you need 4x4/100mm cine filters for that. Sold separately.

I've been looking for a supplier for ages and finally tracked down the local supplier for UK brand Lee filters. Lee is well-known for lighting gels and filters for stage and television work. To get started I've now invested in a set of three 100mm ND filters (ND3-9). As soon as the rest of my Genus gear arrive I'll be able to put these to work.

So, still (im)patiently waiting for the courier truck to arrive...