Above: 7-inch SWIT monitor put to use on a shoot in Sandton in May. 

I recently took delivery of a couple of upgrade items for my Sony FS100 camera and thanks to a hectic June I had plenty of opportunity to put the new gear to the test. The NEX-FS100 is an awesome camera and I love mine, but like most things that come straight from factory assembly lines it can do with a few good aftermarket parts in a couple of key areas.
Most users will complain about its very plasticy build quality and weird layout. This is very true. Except for a cold shoe attachment point on the top handle there's not much space anywhere to fit camera lights or wireless mic receivers. Not to mention that the stock top handle is not a very solid design, to say the least. On most interview shoots I also use two wireless mics so space has always been a problem. I've now solved this with a Genustech top cheese plate as well as a back cheese plate that attach directly to the rods and which provides the perfect place to attach my two wireless mic receivers. The Genustech cheese plates are solid metal and does add weight to the camera, but it provides you with multiple secure attachment points for your gear.  


Above: Genustech top and rear cheese plates

The FS100 viewfinder is another item that draws complaints. I've now added a 7-inch SWIT monitor that attaches to a very solid Genustech Noga articulating arm on the side of the camera. The monitor uses the same batteries as the camera and is a useful addition to my FS100 - no more guessing if I'm in focus or not. Its HDMI input will also make it useful to line up GoPro cameras on shoots.

I still need to replace the crappy Sony top handle - I'm always worried about breaking the stupid thing! I've chosen Wooden Camera's NATO top handle as a replacement and will be counting the days until my B&H parcel arrives.

There you go, Sony. Put a good camera out there and a few folks will come around and make it even better.