The reason I'm posting this has more to do with the tools used to cut this on than the footage itself. Not that the footage isn't significant - it is! 30 minutes of unedited Star Wars footage once thought lost to mankind. And who doesn't like Star Wars anyway? If you don't you're most likely from a world far, far away.

So here's the story - this was originally cut on a non-linear editing system (NLE) developed by Lucasfilm back in 1983. In those days film editing was very much a painful linear process performed by men and women who are today considered pioneers and masters at the art of film editing. The system was called EditDroid (Get it? Droid, Star Wars...). It would not be commercial success, but it would be the start of new approach to editing, namely using a computer system to edit digitized video and audio in a non-linear way.

EditDroid would eventually be sold to a little known company called Avid and evolve into their first attempt at an NLE called Avid/1. And Avid/1 would evolve into what I've been using for more than almost ten years now - Avid Media Composer.

So here's a salute to the brave little NLE system and the films that created what many people like myself today rely on to earn our pay. Thanks EditDroid. May the force be with you.