I'm in the fortunate position nowadays to be able to say that there are things about my job that I REALLY enjoy and look forward to for the phone to ring to do again. And recording interviews with Optentia subject experts has become one of them. Optentia's international collaborators and academic partners are all recognized experts in their fields and we've developed a short interview format to get their views on various topics in a compact and easy to watch format.

I'm really enjoying producing these, so for fun I let a GoPro run the other day and this is the result. Nothing much here other than my trusty assistant Ferdi and myself at work, so I'll call this "Fun with a GoPro while at work". I actually never get to see this side while working.

PS. I usually use three lights for this setup, but due to a damaged power cable from a shoot the day before we had to make do with two lights.
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