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Behind the scenes: filming interviews for Optentia

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Sunday, March 20, 2016,

I'm in the fortunate position nowadays to be able to say that there are things about my job that I REALLY enjoy and look forward to for the phone to ring to do again. And recording interviews with Optentia subject experts has become one of them. Optentia's international collaborators and academic partners are all recognized experts in their fields and we've developed a short interview format to get their views on various topics in a compact and easy to watch format.

I'm really enjoying produci...

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Thank you for the thank yous!

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Thursday, March 17, 2016,
If you produce work for a client, the amount you get paid on completion is all the recognition you need are entitled to. That is the nature of business. Anything on top of that is a bonus. And recently I was fortunate enough to have received A LOT of bonus recognition that I have to admit is quite humbling. 

Match Frame Media was recently featured in the March issue of the Optentia newsletter

Earlier this month this also appeared in a Potchefstroom newspaper:

The recognition is certainly appre...

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March madness - filming #NWUtv

Posted by Corne Scheepers on Thursday, March 17, 2016,

If you've been following my random thoughts on Twitter you would have noticed that a) March has been an insanely busy month and b) I've been throwing the hashtag #NWUtv around. I'm in the process of producing content on the NWU's various community engagement projects and the production phase of this project has taken up most of this month. I'm really excited about this project and the team and I have been working really hard to not only produce video, but REALLY GOOD video. That means multi-c...

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