2017 was a record year for Match Frame Media. Again it feels weird to even write that when I look at the broken state of the world around me. But I am truly grateful to be blessed. After seven years my business continues to grow, both in terms of quality and quantity. During September alone we produced 37 individual videos…I still have no idea how that happened or how we even managed that! But we did.

Note that I say “we”. Because I didn’t do this alone. This business is not just about me. I’m fortunate to have a small network of very loyal collaborators who all contribute skills and talents that I do not have. And that is why it works. Only armies can win battles. And I am happy to report that my little army continues to grow.

Also, we have a growing group of loyal clients who supply us with a steady stream of work that allows us to stay in business month after month, and constantly provide new project challenges. New challenges require innovative solutions, either through new production technology or production techniques. I would like to think that everyone benefits in the end – with every project we get better at what we do, and our clients get a product that is an improvement on the last product we delivered to them.

Thank you to each and every one that contributed to an extremely successful 2017.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go all philosophical and rant on in a Trumpian rage about all the crimes that were committed this year. However, for the sake of tradition, I will impart the following wisdom:

Be different, even if it means being alone. History repeats itself. Over and over again, even across regime changes. In an environment where injustice was quietly tolerated for generations, don’t expect honesty to suddenly become the norm overnight.

Don’t try to save a sinking ship. If you swam halfway to shore already to the point where you can see the beach, don’t bother going back to save someone who can’t let go of the sinking ship’s broken mast. You’ll both just drown trying to be heroes and no-one will remember your name afterwards anyway. Swim for the beach. Build yourself a shelter. Thrive. Eventually build a harbour there. Fewer ships will then sink around that island.

Business is actually not about money. It is about relationships. Maintain the ones worth maintaining. Be absolutely loyal to those who have proven their loyalty to you in the past. Be wary of those who have clearly lost their way.

If you try to do creative work for the purpose of becoming rich and famous, you will fail miserably at both. Your greatest reward should be the knowledge that you became better at your craft and made things that touched others, many times without your knowledge. 

Happy holidays.