2016 has been a fantastic year for Match Frame Media. 

I can honestly say that this year I’ve done some of the best quality work I’ve ever done. And I most certainly didn’t do this alone. 

As a very experienced stage director remarked to me a few weeks ago, video production is not a one man job. This is very true. Shoots are brutally hard work. Post-production is painfully detailed and exhausting. Without my faithful camera assistant Ferdi I would not have been able to undertake the projects I delivered this year. Filming the stuff you see on your screen involves brutally hard manual labour and the big quiet guy never complains. Thank you Ferdi! Without the other professionals I rely on like Yolanda, Jaco, Pieter, Jonathan and a few others, I would also not have been able to deliver what I did either.

After seven years I’ve been blessed with a very loyal client base who share my work ethic and also strive to excel in their own respective fields. Those of us who share common interests and values continue to gravitate toward each other and do great things. Many thanks to all our loyal clients and supporters. Without you there would not be a Match Frame Media.

Above: 2016 - the year we went big on burgers, branding and...baggage

Our world is certainly not in good shape and for many 2016 has been a year of reckoning. Whether you’re the president or a disgraced faculty communication liaison, this year had the nasty habit of uncovering all your little indiscretions in a very public way. Put very bluntly, if you’ve secretly always been a dishonest piece of shit posing as a superhero, this year you pretty much had your cover blown. Sure, we all make mistakes. Some of us just do so very publicly and then choose to continue doing so in the hope that no one will notice or dare to say anything. 

Many organisations went through drastic change this year. People show their real colours in times of uncertainty and I was astonished at the depths people will sink to for self-preservation this year. If you spent the year selfishly looting and plundering your organisation and terrorizing your co-workers in a desperate attempt to save your own kingdom, how are you going to co-exist with the same folks next year? Because those same people are still going to be there in January, just so much angrier. Your sheer force of will also will not guarantee that the empire will stay subservient – dictators throughout history have met their end either violently with much bloodshed, or weak, frail and very much alone.

I've never been more convinced that self-employment is a better option than corporate enslavement than I am at the end of this year.

Which brings me to my next point - this year was at times a truly bizarre and surreal experience as it looked as though the world around me was going to hell in handbasket while I was strangely shielded from it all, left to do the work that was in front of me. And as one project finished there was a next and a next. I’m in no way boasting about this. I’m just grateful to have been blessed with success and continuity while many others only experienced turmoil and difficulty.

I’ve always tried to stay clear of religious topics on this blog simply because I see so much cringeworthy drivel on social media. I’ve rather chosen to keep my religious beliefs to myself. However I can no longer remain quiet on one point: my abilities, outputs and successes are NOT my own. I believe I am being incredibly blessed by the Almighty God and I thank Him for His grace and favour in my life. When I work on a project for a client I truly do not possess the creative and technical abilities in myself to do what I do. It is somehow released to me when needed and blessed when it is His will. For that I am truly grateful.

Have a great holiday and stay safe. We'll be back at the office early in January 2017.