When GoPro launched the Hero 3 there was a lot of hype around its ability to shoot 2K and 4K resolutions, most probably the next big thing in video since HD. However I used mine exclusively for HD work so I really didn't pay too much attention to the 4K en 2.7K settings in the menu. I actually remember thinking "What do they expect us to do with this crap?!" when I noticed that 4K was only offered at 15fps.

Then last week Philip Bloom exploded the interweb with a 2.7K masterpiece and I simply had to check it out. And I discovered that GoPro 2.7K actually offered a full 25fps frame rate. So all the GoPro gear went with the missus and I when we took a long weekend getaway to the mountains where I planned on doing some gear testing.

2.7K (2704x1524) works really well for static shots or shots with very slow and subtle movement. Also use a tripod and rather leave the body mounts and high motion stuff for 1080p and 720p resolutions, because 2.7K is aimed at capturing beauty shots with stunning clarity. I actually messed up a little bit with this clip because I didn't use ProTune and left Spot Metering on, so some of the highlights are a little more burnt out than they should be. But that's why you continue testing between projects to sort out little issues like these. 

In terms of post I down-rez'ed the 2.7K footage to 1080p Avid DNxHD before importing into Media Composer. There's a number of available workflows and I'll so some more experimenting with this. 2.7K certainly does offer some possibilities, however I suspect that most of my GoPro footage will continue to be straight import 1080p flavour. Watch this space.