In terms of the number of shoots completed during a calendar month, February 2017 set a new record for Match Frame Media. Ferdi and I covered several hundred kilometers traveling between filming locations, and spent hours loading and unloading gear and filling up memory cards. Of course everything that is filmed needs to get edited later, and that's where the majority of my time in March went.

The biggest project of the year so far has been the new NWU corporate video. There's not much I need to say about this as it pretty much speaks for itself. It certainly was an honour to have been asked to produce the official video for the university where I myself studied Communications a few years ago. This particular project was also a bit different in the sense that I suddenly found myself managing a large production process with different people working on it during different stages (a challenge in itself), rather than the usual arrangement where I was doing everything myself. When I started making marketing videos a few years ago I was all alone. On this one, we were fifteen people!

I believe that this collaboration certainly enabled us to put the very best quality work out there we could produce. No single person has all the gifts and abilities required to do something like this; you need a team of craftsmen because you can't effectively operate all the tools yourself and supervise the entire work site all at the same time. It also served to illustrate a new spirit of cooperation (rather than division and selfishness, as seen during recent years, unfortunately) that I think should rather be the defining characteristic of a truly unified institution.

At the time I'm writing this the view count is just under 1K, soon to pass that number. It also seems to be a hit on social media. It's nice to see that something you worked on is serving to unite people for a short while and give them some renewed pride in their organisation.